Industrial facilities

We offer a complete range of electrical services to industrial clients in Sogn og Fjordane that can help them to save energy and materials. Our solutions save energy and materials at the same time as improving the quality, accuracy and precision of the work performed at your installations.

Helping you to reduce costs

Business Process Automation (BPA) is a strategy that companies can use to automate processes in order to keep costs down. This includes integrating applications, redeploying human resources and implementing software throughout the organisation.


Process automation: Expanding and improving existing IT systems

As most IT systems are more or less by definition automated, this allows you to expand their functionality to incorporate the areas that you want to automate. We have wide-ranging expertise of automating IT systems, and we can adapt the interfaces between different systems where desirable or tailor the IT system to the exact environment in your organisation.


Automation of machinery:

Machine automation or automated control is the use of various control systems to operate machinery, factory processes, boilers and heat treatment furnaces, switch between telephone networks, and control and stabilise ships, planes and other equipment with minimal or reduced human intervention. Some processes can be completely automated.


The biggest advantage of automation is that it saves labour, but it can also be used to save energy and materials or to improve quality, accuracy and precision.


Expertice and equipment:

Our expertise covers programming PLSs and industrial touchscreens produced by Siemens, Saia and Beijer, and we are also familiar with those of many other brands.


We offer the following services and products:

  • Custom programming
  • Industrial touchscreens
  • Monitoring systems
  • Control systems
  • Access control
  • Upgrading machinery with old control systems
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