Thermal imaging - Internal controls

Ulvesund Elektro AS uses thermal imaging cameras to check electrical systems and detect/locate sources of cold and heat anywhere in Sogn og Fjordane.

Thermal imaging involves measuring the surface temperature using a non-contact measuring device. A thermal imaging camera converts the surface temperature into an image that uses colours to show the different temperatures.

What is thermal imaging used for?

  • Detecting hot spots in electrical systems such as intakes, main electric panels, subpanels, electric equipment, etc.
  • Detecting underfloor heating cables and pipes when drilling into the floor
  • Locating faults in underfloor heating cables
  • Servicing and inspecting machines like motors, pumps, hydraulic systems, etc.
  • Detecting cold bridges, areas lacking insulation, air leaks and damp in buildings
  • Measuring the level of tanks
  • Detecting hot surfaces in engine rooms, etc.
  • Detecting scaling/silting in pipes
  • Temperature differences help us to understand what we are looking at

The results of thermal imaging can be shown on site and/or be reported in a thermography inspection report.


Ulvesund Elektro AS has thermal imaging cameras capable of measuring from -40 °C up to 500 °C, with a resolution of 0.08 °C. Our thermographers are Level 1 certified. Our main market is in Nordfjord.


Another area of priority for us is internal controls on electrical systems. We perform internal controls on all kinds of electrical systems, e.g. in homes, large buildings, industrial facilities and ships, as well as checking alarm systems. Thermal imaging is a natural part of the internal control process for these systems. We can supply complete internal control systems, perform inspections and rectify any non-conformities.

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