Telecommunication and IT

We offer a complete range of electrical services in Sogn og Fjordane, and we have lots of expertise in telecoms and IT systems. There is a growing convergence between telecoms and IT, so it's an advantage to get everything from the same supplier. As a turnkey supplier with strong expertise in telecoms and IT systems, we can take care of the design, installation and servicing. Our solutions always use reliable, modern equipment.

We offer:


Setting up videoconferencing systems ( and adapting equipment in meeting rooms


Internet­ and data networks:

We'll get you online! We can install all kinds of Cat 5, 6 and 7 systems (Ethernet / local area networks (LAN)), as well as fibre-optic cables for high-speed data transfer, with a focus on reliability. We can also splice the most common types of fibre-optic cables.


Why fibre-optics and fibre-optic cables?

Fibre-optics is a system whereby light (often from a laser) is directed through a fibre-optic cable. Fibre-optic cables are widely used as a waveguide in telecommunications, particularly when you require a high bandwidth or noise resistance.


Installation av switchers og routers:

Do you need a fully integrated electrical system for Internet access and networking? We can supply and install all of the electronics needed to control data networks, and then connect them all up and set up the whole system for you. We also supply antennae for wireless networks.

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